Train Your Pomsky With These Perfect Training Tips

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Train Your Pomsky With These Perfect Training Tips

If the fictional show Pokémon ever had a character of a ‘cute’ dog, then it could easily be modeled on a Pomsky. Just a look and a touch are enough to make your heart melt. You can’t resist yourself from taking this little dog home.

These dogs are commonly known as hybrid or designer dogs. They are the outcome of mating purebred dogs of a different breed. A Pomeranian father and a Siberian Husky mother mate to produce the Pomsky. A Siberian husky is chosen as the mother since it is larger and much more capable of carrying the child.

Pomsky’s parents are highly intelligent and hence the baby has a really good brain. This indicates that Pomskies aren’t easy to train. Pomeranians possess an obstinate streak and the Siberian Huskies are independent and strong-willed. The product of such parents can give you a hard time.

If you own a Pomsky, then the first thing you need to learn is to be calm and take charge as the leader. You must never let Pomsky sense your frustration and handle the situation tactfully. Pomskies can try to gain the upper hand and take advantage if not trained properly.

Pomskies have a desire to learn which can be used to train them rapidly. Especially, if there is some new trick or game. Pomskies are smart dogs that require basic obedience lessons to understand general commands. If an appropriate amount of time isn’t spent on training the Pomsky early on, it could become a tough task later on in its life. Positive reinforcements are essential along with firm and consistent training.

The best time to train a Pomsky is when it is still a puppy and they have a hard time learning when they are old. An ideal training session for a Pomsky puppy should be around 15 minutes per session. You can have multiple training sessions in a single day. These puppies have a low attention span and can easily get bored with any session that goes beyond 15 minutes. There are possibilities that the result may be opposite to what you might have expected if the session stretches for more than 15 minutes.

Importance of Training

Charming Pomsky   Aewsome Pomsky   Outstanding Pomsky

It is great fun to have a cute Pomsky at your home. They are the best companions for children. Having a dog around that can amuse you by performing tricks is a great advantage. But having an untrained, wild dog, which tears your bed sheets, curtains could be a menace.

It is important to train dogs regarding the basic behavioral process such as how to couch, climb stairs, etc. Dogs are born with hunter instincts and tend to chase smaller animals and kids. This could pose a threat to the dogs as well as to the kids around in the house. This is the reason why you need to train your Pomsky to control its instincts by listening and obeying your commands. This will help them mingle with your family and settle down.

The sessions should be of limited duration and filled with fun activities to keep the puppy interested and alert.


Training the Pomsky

The first things you should teach your Pomsky are the basic commands – sit and stay, followed by ‘come’. You can call his name to order him to come. If he does respond then treat him with food. You can use the same technique to teach him to sit and stay.  It might take a bit more time than usual but this method has been effective a majority of the time. This will help you correct any behavior problems that the puppy might have.

When the puppy is learning to heel, you need to be patient and give him a reward each time. A significant command that you must teach your Pomsky is to ‘leave’ it. In case your dog has anything detrimental or something important in his mouth, you can ask him to drop it immediately. This will protect him and your important belongings as well.

One key element that you must possess while training the Pomsky is patience. Not always will your dog understand what you are saying. It is important to let him think and evolve. He will gradually understand what you say.

Sometimes, the Pomsky may not pay any attention to you. It is important to not lose your cool and be patient. Ensure that you constantly reward the puppy for each correct move he makes. The reward system has proven to be more effective than the punishment one. You should never really yell at him or scold him for not doing what you say.

#1 Bite Prevention Training

Most puppies have an inner desire to bite, fight, and play around.  This is one of the best ways for them to mature, learn, and develop a personality. Playing with other mature dogs will imbibe ‘biting’ characteristics as a part of its ‘learning-play’. Not all dogs react in the same manner to a bite. Your puppy will gradually learn to adapt to other dog’s bites and also work upon the severity of its bite.

Along with this, you could offer your knuckle to the puppy to bite gently. In this manner, the Pomsky will understand the difference between a playful bite and an aggressive one. The playful bite is permissible but we don’t really want the puppy to bite aggressively.  If you are owning a pet for the first time in your life, then you need to be careful to train your puppy gently.  You must discipline the Pomsky as soon as he makes a mistake as there are very little chances that the Pomsky would understand the matter later.

#2 Crate Training

Lovely Pomsky   Lovely Pomsky   Adorable Pomsky

One of the most efficient ways for the Pomsky puppy to behave is ‘crate training’. The first thing you need to ensure is the place the crate in an area that is secure. The area cannot be near a heater nor should it have any drafts. The ideal placing of the crate should be near the family. The size of the crate should be appropriate for the Pomsky. It shouldn’t be too small nor should it be too big.

The Pomsky should eat in a crate and also should sleep in it. In case the puppy starts to whine or if it becomes restless, then you would have to guide him using cue words to let him into the relieving area. You can select anything as the cue words such as ‘go ahead’. Reward the puppy when it goes to the correct place with praise or food.

Repeating this technique continuously will train the Pomsky completely by the time they become 6 months old.

#3 Whine Prevention Training

Luckily, whining isn’t a quality that you would usually associate with a Pomsky. This fact can be largely attributed to the parentage of the puppy. A small dose of early training should be sufficient to prevent the puppy from howling and whining.

Normally, the puppies whine to seek the attention of the owner. It’s a child-like whine and you must be careful in not responding to the whine. You must let alone the puppy as long as it whines. You could place your Pomsky in his crate and go away from the room. It the puppy starts to whine, then wait for a few minutes to see if he stops. If he doesn’t then the Pomsky isn’t used to being alone. You must train the puppy by leaving him alone for a longer period of time. The puppy will soon adapt to the fact that you haven’t abandoned him and will stop his whining.

#4 Obedience Training

The natural instincts of Pomskies are to be obedient. A little gentle encouragement can remove any rebellious behavior.  The key is to develop a good relationship with the puppy using positive reinforcements. A gentle tap on his head every time the puppy obeys your command is a good way to make him learn things.

If you fill his day with praise, then the puppy is more likely to obey you when you ask him to ‘stop’ biting or gnawing your sofa. Give him a chew toy to play instead.

#5 Pulling the Leash

When you buy a leash for your Pomsky, ensure that it is comfortable. It shouldn’t be too loose nor should it be too tight. You must hold your Pomsky on the least at the end of a walkway. It is a good idea to place a treat at the end of the walkway. Walk towards the treat with the leash still on, if the Pomsky tries to pull away then say ‘no’ and walk towards the start again.

When the puppy calmly walks towards the treat, you may want to add another treat so that the Pomsky remembers the way it had behaved and the reward he received.


Training Tips

Endearing Pomsky   Fabulous Pomsky   Appealing Pomsky

As mentioned above the training sessions should not last more than 15 minutes and must be very simple so that the Pomsky grasps whatever has been taught without putting any extra effort. This will benefit both the trainer and the puppy to practice tasks conveniently. It is important to monitor the dog’s attention and the tasks must be chosen specifically to engage his interest. If a trainer receives the puppy’s respect, it becomes quite easy for the trainer to teach commands to the dog.

* Keep it Simple

The training should begin with simple commands that are easy to understand and grasp. It is important to repeat the process again and again so that the habit is incorporated in the puppy’s mind. Once the Pomsky understands the simpler commands, you can switch to more complex commands. You must reward your Pomsky with his preferred food if he responds correctly to your commands. This positive reinforcement will be imbibed in his mind and he’ll learn the actions correctly.

* Hire a Trainer

Hiring a good trainer is important if you want your Pomsky to be trained perfectly. But you must keep in mind your dog’s temperament before you select a trainer for him. The trainer must be vastly experienced and must suit your requirements. The training objectives should be in line with the trainer’s experience. Do a thorough research before you hire a trainer. Don’t hesitate to ask him the right questions in order to bring out the best qualities in your Pomsky.

* Nutrition

Feeding your Pomsky with a healthy and proper diet is as essential as training him. Following the training with a protein-rich diet is an important step to keep your Pomsky healthy, active and happy.  Foods that help your Pomsky grow faster are – wheat, meant, and corn. Choosing foods rich in nutrients will keep your puppy healthy.


Benefits of Training

  •    Training enables your Pomsky to learn simple yet important commands and incorporate discipline in its character
  •    With proper training, habit such as barking, growling, biting, and nipping can be avoided
  •    Training the Pomsky will make you a responsible person and deepen your relationship with your Pomsky
  •    The quality and level of training will improve the qualities of your pet and it would be easy to manage and well-behaved
  •    Training the pet continuously will have a deep impact on the improvement level of the Pomsky’s learning



Owning a pet brings a huge set of responsibilities. But if you look at the rewards that come with it, you can overlook the commitment that you have to make. The bond with your Pomsky begins the moment you lay your eyes upon him and bring him home. A Pomsky can change your life completely. If you love spending time with animals, then Pomsky will become your best friend for life.

In case you aren’t fond of animals, then this Pomsky would change your opinion for sure. You might end up being an animal lover once you spend a few days with him. One thing you are guaranteed is unconditional love from the Pomsky. The initial periods might be a little difficult where you need to train the Pomsky, but once that is done, there is no looking backward.


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