Does A Pomsky Shed And How Do I Manage This?

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Does A Pomsky Shed And How Do I Manage This?

First-time dog owners usually have so much confusion when they think of getting a Pomsky. It is so because, despite the cute appearance of these dogs, they shed, which sometimes can become a bit troublesome. This playful dog is prone to shedding, and this is the reason that the owners always have to be alert. Interestingly, if you are aware of the Pomsky shed time, you are in an advantageous position to manage these changes. Moreover, during the shedding period, your Pomsky could be prone to various types of illnesses. In this context, like any other dog breeds that have descended from the crossbreeding process, you have to be aware of the time during which it sheds.

Does a Pomsky Shed?    

You should be aware of the fact that the Pomsky is a mixed breed and its parents are the Siberian husky and the Pomeranian. Hence, you have to look at the coats of these breeds. On the other side, you should always be aware of the Pomsky shed causes. In this manner, you would be better equipped to handle the issues related to the shedding time of a Pomsky. Pomskies do shed slowly, and you have to manage this shedding properly. There is no point in denying that the coat of both the Pomeranians and Siberian husky has a beautiful layer. This is the reason that the Pomsky also has fair skin. Moreover, the time you invest in their coat is what keeps their outer layering beautiful and magnificent. Let us have a look at the nature of the layer of its parent breed.

* Coat of the Siberian Husky

It is vital to note that the Siberian husky is a double-coated dog. Double coat here refers to the fact that there is an outer coat that comprises coarse hairs and particles. The inner skin is soft and consists of soft hairs. A Siberian husky usually sheds twice a year. It sheds its undercoat entirely, and this is the reason that you have to be aware during this phase. However, it has also been observed that in warmer climates, the Siberian husky sheds all year round. Hence, by looking at the shedding patterns of the husky, you can now devise the Pomsky shed measures.

* Coat of the Pomeranian


Like the Siberian husky, the Pomeranian is also a double-coated dog. On the other side, just like the husky, the Pomeranian may also shade profusely when it is in a warmer climate. This is the reason that the Pomeranians need regular grooming. It is also important to note that the Pomeranians need regular trimming so that there are no underlying problems with their skin. Besides that, regular grooming would also reduce the number of worms in their skin. By looking at the coat of its parents, it is quite clear that in case of a Pomsky, you would have to face shedding almost thrice a year. However, if you were aware of the Pomsky shedding level, it would not be much of a problem.

Managing the Problem of Shedding In Pomsky

It is quite evident that a Pomsky gets its appearance and behavioral traits from its parents. On the other hand, there are designer Pomskies who would shed a lot during the shedding time. However, if you are equipped with all the right strategies and tricks, then you would always be in an advantageous position to control the way it sheds. Moreover, you can take care of your Pomsky in a holistic manner. Furthermore, the Pomsky puppies shed more than usual. Therefore, certify that you have all the right tricks at the place to take care of them properly.

* Getting the Skin of Your Pomsky Rid of Fleas

If your beloved Pomsky has fleas, then it is entirely reasonable that it would shed more. This is the reason that you should always acquire Pomsky shedding information from the vet. If a Pomsky has fleas, it will scratch more, and as a result, it would shed more. This is the reason that you should always opt for a tick and flea shampoo when you are cleaning your Pomsky. There is no such thing that a Pomsky that doesn’t shed.

Hence, be equipped with the grooming materials. If you cannot use them, you can always read the instructions. Furthermore, during the time of applying the shampoo, do not wash it soon as it has to work on the outer coat. You have to let it sit for an extended period before rinsing it with water.

You can also opt for consulting the vet and ask his opinion about a flea spray. In case that the vet asks you to buy some medication, always apply it from the head of the Pomsky and then proceed to the other parts of the body. If you want to use homemade remedies to treat fleas on the skin of a Pomsky, first consult the vet. It is so because your Pomsky can be allergic to certain types of ingredients you use in a homemade remedy.

* Opt For Regular Grooming Of Your Pet


As an owner of a Pomsky, then you have to opt for regular grooming of your pet. It is so because the Pomsky husky shed is quite similar. You have to buy an excellent quality brush so that it suits the skin type of your Pomsky. It is so because research has depicted that certain kinds of Pomskies are usually allergic to various types of brushes. This is the reason that you should opt for buying a brush that comprises two sides.

Moreover, these types of brushes are ideal to carry out Pomsky shed hair prevention at home. One side of this brush comes with stainless steel pins, and the other team consists of boar bristles. The boar bristles are the ones that can make the coat of your Pomsky shiny. This is the reason that this type of brush usually costs a little bit more. However, ascertain that you do not hurt your Pomsky by brushing it violently.

* Washing Your Pomsky on a Regular Basis

You should always take your Pomsky for regular washing cycles. It is so because if you opt for frequent washing of your Pomsky, then you can control its shedding tendency in a significant manner. Regular bathing of your Pomsky would mean that during the shedding time, its skin is always hydrated. For instance, the owners who do not bathe their Pomsky on a regular basis find the fur of the Pomsky in various corners of their home. This is the reason that it is always advisable to consult your vet before you wash your Pomsky.

Moreover, the Pomsky is a delicate dog breed, and this is the reason the frequent visit to the vet is essential. If you wash your Pomsky on a regular basis, it may affect the quality of its outer layer. However, if you consult a vet, then you are always in an advantageous position. On the other hand, if you wash it on a regular basis, then there are chances that you can make the fur fall even more.

Your vet would also advise you to make your Pomsky accustomed to blow-drying. If you dry the water from the skin of the Pomsky with a dryer, then your Pomsky would shed less. It would improve the quality of its coat, and this is the reason that you dry your Pomsky puppy in low heat settings. Some dog owners also let their Pomsky to air dry. However, before the use of a blow dryer, always ensure that you dry its body with a towel. You should never use a dishwashing soap in the process of bathing a Pomsky. It is so because it would make the skin of the Pomsky dry, which would further make it susceptible to more drying.

* Be On the Lookout of Matting

Matting is the process where the furs of the Pomsky are tangled and at the time of the removal causes excruciating pain. This is the reason that your Pomsky would always benefit from a regular brushing session. They still have their coat cleaned, and this is the reason that you may need to pay less attention to their coat in usual times, But at the time of shedding, you have to be equipped it the proper grooming materials to prevent matting. The skin of the Pomsky is what makes it attractive to the eye of the onlookers. Hence, if you want to show off your Pomsky to your guests and relatives, always invest proper emphasis on its grooming. An adequately groomed Pomsky would also help you to spend proper attention on its health.

By looking at the facts as mentioned above, it is quite clear that during the time of shedding, the Pomsky needs attention. Hence, as a dog owner, you should always be up on your toes to care for it.

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