How Do I Elongate My Pomsky Lifespan?

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How Do I Elongate My Pomsky Lifespan?

Like their parents, Pomskies are highly energetic and playful dogs. They are indeed a bundle of energy and cuteness who needs love and care along with regular training and exercise. The little ball of cuteness loves to play and frolic. Well to make them have a longer lifespan, you need to take them to exercise regularly.  Well not only for the Pomskies, but a healthy lifestyle is also the essential thing for every living creature to have a longer life. The basic things which help to expand the lifespan of any dogs are:

Encouraging A Healthy Diet

As per a 2011 study, it was found that the dogs that are raised on a restricted diet with a lower amount of calorie in their foods tend to have a longer life. It is always prescribed to give your dog at least 25 less amount of calories than there are in regular amounts of dog food. In the study, it was found that the dog who eats less have at least two years longer lifespan the dogs who were fed a more significant amount by their dog owners.

Regular Exercise

It is found that the owners who take their dog to regular exercise have better health than the others. It is always recommended to take your dog to a 30-40 minutes’ exercise on a regular basis so that they have a constant flow of energy in their body and doesn’t get bored quickly. Moreover, regular exercise will help your dog to stay in good shape. Exercise is proven to lower the amount of stress in dogs too.  It also increases the number of endorphins and also balances the mood and the emotions of the dog. Along with helping your dog to keep a controlled weight and well-built muscle, it also helps your dog to keep a healthy cardiovascular system. So, regular exercise is meant to keep them happy and healthy. So, if you want the best result, increase the amount of walk of your dog, and you can even let him/her run around and get socialize with other canines in a dog park.

Keep Them Engaged


Just like a human being, if dogs are kept without any activity, and they get bored, they will start suffering from depression and will get anxiety. This will result in a degradation of their health.  So, to extend the lifespan of your dog, you need to keep them busy in various activities and also keep their mind active with regular training along with socialization and other activities which you believe is the best for your canine. Well, it is never too late to teach your dog a new trick or two. You can get them admitted to an advanced training class for obedience lessons, and you can get them engaged in other pet sports such as lure coursing or agility. This will help your dog to get added stimulation which will help your dog to get a better and healthy life. This will serve to enhance the bonding between you and your canine.

Follow Your Vet’s Advice

Even though your dog may look healthy, but it is always recommended to get them to check up on a regular basis. It is better to get them to check once e a year when they are young and increase it to twice a year as they start getting older.

Enjoy Every Moment With Your Loyalist Friend

The tragic actuality of canine parenthood is that individuals outlast pets, and there are no supernatural occurrence items which will expand your puppy’s life a long ways past the typical life expectancy of her breed. With upright care, enhancement, and general veterinary consideration, you might have the capacity to give her a couple of additional years. Your opportunity together is valuable, so keep up solid propensities, keep your puppy dynamic in body and brain, and relish each moment

So, coming back to the point, as you have read above, it is the thumb rule for increasing the lifespan of every pet. The same goes for the Pomsky too. But since this is an exclusive dog’s breed, it needs some extra care for improving the lifespan. Here is some additional information which is unique for this dog only.

The lifespan of a Pomsky is between 12-14 years. Since the dog is a mix breed between the Pomeranian and the Siberian husky, their lifespans will too be somehow depended on the two breeds.

  • The lifespan of  a Siberian husky is between 12-14 years
  • The lifespan of Pomeranian is between 12-16 years.

It is a fact that the Pomsky is a crossbreed between the combination of both the Pomeranian and the Siberian husky.  The dog’s lifespan is based on the combined lifespan of both the breed. Therefore, combining the lifespan of both breeds, the lifespan of Pomsky is predicted to be around 12-14 years. It is the lifespan of a healthy dog. Moreover, if there is a Pomsky health issue and the dog is suffering from any diseases, they may have a shorter lifespan. There is a list of health issue that both the parents breed suffers from. But the most prominent health issue that a Pomskies suffer from is a dental issue which they have inherited from the Pomeranians. Hence, to make sure that your dog doesn’t suffer from any dental problems, in the long run, you must regularly brush its teeth. You must also take it to a dental check-up on a regular basis to make sure that they aren’t suffering from any dental issue. The primary causes of the Pomsky dental issues are:


  • Actinomyces Bacteria and Streptococcus
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Self-Grooming
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Symptoms
  • Bad Breath
  • Tartar Build Up
  • Red Swollen Gums
  • Yellow or Brown Staining
  • Loose or Missing Teeth
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Mouth sensitivity
  • Swollen eyes
  • Cheek swelling
  • Oozing facial wounds
  • Drooling
  • Sneezing
  • A runny nose
  • Pomsky weightloss
  • Appetite loss
  • Prevention

How to Take Care of the Dental Issue


You can take care of the dental issue of a Pomsky by:

  • Feeding them with a raw diet that is only meant for the Pomskies
  • Offering the high quality of dog dental chews which are digestible
  • Regular brushing of their tooth
  • Checking their mouth on a regular basis to notice any change such as foul smell
  • Getting them to a vet for a regular dental check-up every six months

Treatment of Your Pomsky

  • Plague control by regular brushing and using of high quality digestible dental chews
  • Professional cleaning on a regular basis
  • Fluoride application
  • Bone replacement
  • Teeth splinting
  • Tissue regeneration

You need to be aware of the several problems that can arise from the dental diseases of the Pomsky full grown adult. While some of them treatable, some may cause dangerous consequences in the long run. Below are some bad case scenarios that may be harmful to your dog.

Effects of Dental Problems in Your Pomsky


  • Heart Problems
  • Liver Problems
  • Kidney Problems
  • Can form bacteria in the bloodstream.

The health of your Pomsky can have a direct effect on the dog’s temperament. So, ensuring your Pomsky gets appropriate dental care is critical. It guarantees that your puppy carries on with solid life. Standard dental wellbeing is essential to secure a long, solid life for your Pomsky.

We shouldn’t preclude other conceivable wellbeing concerns with regards to a Pomsky. The breed is new. New medical issues may create after some time. The greater part of these wellbeing concerns might be identified with the Pomskies guardians. The Pomeranian and Siberian husky are outstanding, prominent breeds. Their history dates the distance back to the seventeenth century. A while ago when the Pomeranian wasn’t so “smaller” all things considered. The Pomeranian’s unique size was about the extent of a Keeshond. The Pomskies parent breeds are famous. We’re more mindful of their wellbeing concerns. Mixed breed canines tend to be more advantageous than unadulterated breed mutts. That is the favorable position of the Pomsky. That doesn’t mean we should discount conceivable medical issues.

Pomeranian’s and the Siberian husky have similar known medical issues. Medical issues that may, later on, turn out to be clear in Pomskies.

Some of the common health problems that both the breed has are:

  • Seizures
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Seizures
  • Ear infection

Now the last question that remains is, are Pomsky hypoallergenic? But what is Hypoallergenic? Hypoallergenic implies that this canine would not make a hypersensitive response to the individuals who are susceptible to puppies. Since the Pomskies have a thick coat and are double covered, they shed their undercoat seasonally. Therefore, those who are allergic to the hair and dander of the dogs must stay away during those periods. Moreover, Pomskies are not hypoallergenic. It is just a myth that surrounds them. If you are suffering from mild allergy, you can buy the dog and live with it. However, if your allergic reaction toward dogs is quite severe, it is not a recommended dog for you. It will cause health problems.

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