Why Is Your Pomsky Barking Excessively and How Can You Stop It ?

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Why Is Your Pomsky Barking Excessively and How Can You Stop It ?

Pomsky or as popularly known as ‘designer dog’ is one the cutest thing you may probably come across. It is not possible not to fall in love with these cuddly animals. They will definitely make your life a worthwhile. You can walk around with it and you will see everyone turning to look at him and even other go to an extent of complementing you. However, you cannot help but be worried when your Pomsky starts barking more often than normal. In fact, you may start wondering what the trigger are and how you are going to minimize the barks. Worry not as the article is going to give you some tips on how to ensure that you live peacefully with your Pomsky.

Taking into consideration that there are many breeds of dogs out there, you might have a unique reason why you chose a Pomsky. One reason may be because you are just marveled by the cuteness of these little animals. You may even confuse them with fluffy teddy bear all wrapped up with fur. Pomksy have been known to be bigger dogs which are more suited for large houses. However, thanks to technology of cross-breeding, there are small-sized Pomsky which fits your modern urban lifestyle.

What are common Pomsky bark triggers?

If all of a sudden your Pomsky starts barking or develops the habit of barking, you may need to determine what may be causing the change of behavior. Pomsky personality can be described as ‘free spirited’. You also definitely wants to socialize with your Pomsky without him having to bark at your visitors or while out for a walk. One thing you need to know is that naturally, Pomsky may a little bit stubborn especially when they set their mind on something. This means, if there is something distracting him, it may be difficult to dissuade your Pomsky.

  • Your Pomsky may be barking simply because it is trying to protect you. This may feel a bit surreal but your Pomsky may just like a person who probably pass on the way or who is visiting. It may also take some time before its gets used to the fact that you have a guest in your house.
  • Another reason is that it may be protecting itself. When a Pomsky feels or sense that they are need, one of the natural reaction it that it will bark. Therefore, if you hear your Pomsky barking, be sure to check out whether it is in danger.
  • Overstimulation also makes your Pomsky to bark. For instance, you just bought him a toy he really likes and this makes his emotions to go up. They are overly excited too when you will give him a treat once in a while.
  • Fear is another trigger factor that may make your Pomsky bark. Just like us humans, when we encounter something that cause us chills, the reaction is mostly screaming.
  • Confusion will also makes your Pomsky to bark. Leaving him with your best friend whom he probably is not that familiar with may not be a good idea. This will cause confusion to your dog especially if he is only used to being with you.
  • Pain is a trigger factor of your Pomsky. Taking him to a vet and he needs to get an injection might not be one of the pleasant bonding moment you will have together. In fact, for the next few days, barking might be more intense until the pain goes away. In addition, if you suspect your dog may be in pain, it is good to see a vet who will check him for any illness.
  • Boredom may also cause your Pomsky to bark unnecessarily. This might be probably a way to get your attention. Keeping him indoors is not such a good idea. As much as you need fresh air, he also needs to go out and get some warmth.

Tips to consider when dealing with a barking Pomsky?

Excessive barking is definitely pleasant to your ears and also be inconveniencing if you are at public places. It is also not something that your Pomsky may be loving but unfortunately it is the only way he may communicate to you. Therefore, upon determining what may be triggering it, ensure that you works towards correcting it. Your Pomsky may also have behavioral problems and this may require more effort to fix.

Here are some of the tips that will you consider while controlling the barking of your Pomsky. Consistency is key when it comes to controlling the excessive barking. Dogs may not be that good at remembering things as compared to us humans. Therefore, ensure that you maintain some consistency during the training. Be sure to always stay positive as it may not be happy to achieve your overall objective. This is true especially if your dog has some behavioral problems. Therefore, ensure that you keep the training happy. Just like us humans, your Pomsky probably don’t need a boring session. What you need to achieve this is to be upbeat and make your dog to see and feel that you believe in them. The ultimate rule is no yelling as this will just make matters worse. Yelling at your dog will make them more confused and instill fear in them. Therefore, yelling at them will only make the barking louder.

How do you control the excessive barking of your Pomsky?

  • Ignore the barks – Sometimes your Pomsky is just being mischievous and wanting to your attention. Well, if you can’t give him that, just ignore these barks. Acknowledging of these barks may encourage your Pomsky to even bark more hence not good at all. Overexciting the dog will also mean that you are triggering it to bark. Therefore, note that your behavior towards the dog may have a direct impact on its reaction.
  • Get rid of the barking triggers – There are situations that you find that your Pomsky barks every time you do something. For instance, while using an electronic which produce noise, it may result to the dog barking. Note these irritants and find a way to ensure that while using then, you take the dog from the area. For instance, you can have someone take it for a walk while you are vacuuming.
  • Refrain from telling your Pomsky that it is okay when he barks – This may definitely feel like being the worst person in the whole world but it helps.Telling your dog that it is okay may feel like the right thing to do and comforting him but in reality, you are doing your dog more harm than good. This is especially important if your Pomsky have anxiety. They will think that you are telling them that it is okay for them to bark while you are telling them the exactly opposite thing.
  • Ensure that you give your Pomsky plenty of stimulation – It is important to know that Pomsky are stubborn in nature and also needs lots of stimulation. Therefore, it is possible that your Pomsky will be bored most of the time and this triggers it bark excessively. Therefore, ensure that you keep him busy with something to minimize the boredom episodes. For instance, you can take him out for a walk in the park. This will not only be good for exercising for both you and the dog but it will also ensures that he is stimulated.
  • Make use of the quiet command – You might consider this as being old-fashioned but it work wonders. The ‘quiet command’ as commonly known is good for training dog not to bark. This starts by you teaching the dog the speak command which comes first before the silent command in your own unique way. This means that each time to tell the dog thee common phrase, it will understand what you are saying and keep quiet. After the Pomsky grasp the speak command, it will be easy for the dog to understand the quiet command. In every instance the Pomsky barks unnecessary, you will then be able to silence him with the silent command.
  • Make your dog accustomed to barking triggers – Upon determining the various triggers that are causing your dog to bark, start introducing the dog to the triggers slowly. This might take some time especially if the trigger cause your dog to be fearful. However, it is worth in the long-run as you will have a less barking pet. To achieve this, ensure that you stay consistent with the introduction to the triggers. After a couple of attempts to introduce your pet to the triggers, it will get more comfortable around them. For instance, if the dog was barking due to use of the vacuuming machine, it will become less fearful of the noise and minimize the barks.
  • Provide distractions to your Pomsky – This is especially a good way to handle a barking dog it simply cannot no matter what you do. It might be embarrassing when you are in a public place and your pet simply can’t stop barking. Everyone seems to notice your presence and wondering why you can’t keep your pet calm. This will require that you provide a distraction to your pet just to save yourself from the discomfort. Also at home and you cannot simply bring your pet to calm down, make use of items that give high-frequency sounds such as whistle. The Pomsky is likely to associate the barking with the unpleasant sound and hence stop.
  • Use bark collar – This is a modern method that aims at stopping your pet from barking unnecessary. The bark collar is designed in such a way that it will be emitting a high frequency sound every time the dog barks while other emit minute electric stimulation. However, the electric bark collar is not recommended as the electric shock may harm your dog. It can also cause your dog to experience trauma or even become more aggressive.
  • Provide mental and physical activity to your Pomsky – These pets are known to be extremely active with plenty of energy. Therefore, if the environment does not allow the pet to use up all that energy, it can result to excessive barking. You should then find a way that will make your Pomsky use all that extra energy and a good way is providing him with plenty of mental and physical exercise.  For instance, you can take ensure that you have an hour of mental and physical activity once in a day. This can be achieved through taking him out for walks and if you feel that the walks are not good enough, run with the Pomsky or throw a ball for him to catch. Using mental games and interactive toys will also keep your Pomsky busy.

What you should not do while controlling barking of your Pomsky?


  • Don’t scream at your Pomsky

This is definitely one thing that you should refrain from when training your Pomsky not to bark excessively. This is because, it will just create confusion to the dog and he will think that you are barking along with them. This may even cause him to be overexcited. When you are commanding him to stop barking, ensure that you are cool and calm.

  • Avoid being inconsistent

There are certain instance that you tell the pet to stop barking. Ensure that you are consistent to this situation. Otherwise, when you punish him at one time but at times you do not, it will become hard for him to get the routine. Also ensure that everyone else sticks to this routine.

  • Don’t be tempted to feed him every time he barks

You may be probably thinking that your Pomsky is barking because he is hungry. If you develop a habit of feeding him every time he barks, you might end up overfeeding him. More also, this will only teach him that every time he barks, he gets something nice and this will make the habit only worse.

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