What You Need to Know About Grooming Your Pomsky?

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What You Need to Know About Grooming Your Pomsky?
  • Your pet definitely needs that moment of grooming as not only will it leave him looking good but will make him relax. You might be thinking that your Pomsky does not require that much of grooming as probably you have been staying indoors a lot especially winter season but this is not the case. Just like the way you feel that you need some pampering and you set off to your favorite salon, ensure that you keep your pet groomed.
  • If you are not sure on what pet grooming is, you can visit pet groomers. However, this may be a costly affair. However, it will gives you tips on what to do and you can try it out at home. You should nevertheless be careful as some of these steps may harm your pet when not done correctly. For instance, many groomers use a ‘force velocity dryer’ which does not produce heat for blowing. What you probably have at home is a dryer that produces heat and this can damage your Pomsky fur coat or worse cause him burns.

The importance of Pomsky Grooming

  • Grooming is not just making your Pomksy look good but it has many other benefits. For instance, it helps your pet to develop health, behavior and mental condition. It also becomes safe for your family especially if you have a toddler.
  • Improved mental condition. The first thing you need to understand is that Pomsky breed tends to be stubborn in nature. This means that you need to work even harder to make the pet as comfortable as you can. One way through which you can achieve this is through grooming. For instance, brushing the pet’s hair will provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere for him. Before you start the grooming process, you will need to calm him down maybe by taking him out for a walk. This is beneficial and will greatly improve your pet’s mental condition.
  • Behavioral change. Your Pomsky may be acting up basically due to the irritation caused by fleas or unkempt nails. You probably won’t be loving if you are all itchy and your behavior too will change. This is the same case when it comes to your Pomsky. You also realize that during the cold season when you bathe him less, the Pomsky tends to be more irritated. Pomsky grooming will make the pet more energetic, active and friendly. You probably have gotten rid of fleas and also nails which may continuously be hurting it every time it moves.
  • Improved health.Health is critical not only for you but for your Pomsky. Nonetheless, this is a challenge to achieve if you have a poorly groomed Pomsky. It will not only look sickly but also tends not to seem as a good company to be with. There are certain illnesses your Pomsky have due to poor grooming. For instance, failure to observe good dental hygiene can lead to gum and periodontal diseases. To prevent this, ensure that you constantly brush your Pomsky teeth.
  • Staying of long without bathing and trimming Pomsky hair will result to accumulation of dust in its coat. This is not good for the Pomsky as it attracts flea infestation resulting to irritation. More also, it is not good for you especially if you have respiratory problems. If despite bathing your Pomsky constantly and the fleas don’t go away, consult a vet who will give you liquids that you can mix with bathing water. Also, ensure that the shampoo you use does not cause irritation to your Pomsky.

Tips and Steps to grooming your Pomsky

When it comes to grooming your Pomsky, there are certain tips that you should have up the sleeve. It is especially important to ensure that you learn to groom your pet at homes for two reason. One reason is that it helps in building trust. This is a good way to bond with your Pomsky and it will just love you for that extra effort. The other important reason why you should groom your Pomsky at home is because it promotes is health and wellbeing. By grooming him, you can check his body for any injuries or wounds. More also, you make the pet mite free by ensuring that it remains clean and dry.

1  Brush your Pomsky hair

I have always associated grooming of pets to brushing of fur. This is nevertheless correct as it ensures that you keep his coat clean and tangle free. When you are just relaxing with your pet, you are mostly tempted to brush the pets coat and this is very fine. Not only are you two bonding but it is a good way to groom him. It is also encouraged as it stimulates the blood flow of the pet as well as aids in removing of dead hair.

While brushing your Pomsky fur, ensure that you use a brittle brush and this is once in a week. Do not be tempted to overdo it as it might cause thinning of hair. More also, while using the brush, ensure that you move it from back to front.

2  Bathing your Pomsky

It is necessary to ensure that you keep your Pomsky clean. You might probably dread bathing your pet as you are left all soaked and chances are the pet may resist. However, you can bathing time a fun moment for both of you. This is not a hard tasks and good news is, you don’t have to do it often. This is because it is recommended for you to bath your Pomsky once in about 2 months. This is unless you have gone out and the pet enjoyed more than necessarily and got mud all over.

During the hot season you also have to bath them more often for instance once in a month. However, during the cold season, refrain from bathing them often as it can result to illness. Bathing your pet more frequent will result to less shedding.

Steps to bathing the Pomsky

  • Chose to either use sink or tub. You will have to place a rubber mat on the bottom of either the tub or sink to provide grip.
  • Fill the tub or sink with warm water. It is recommended that the water do not go above 4 inches.
  • Remove any hair tangles before bathing the Pomsky by brushing his air. Be sure to use a brittle brush to avoid hair breakages.
  • You will have to ensure that water will not enter into your Pomsky ear and this may be achieved by you putting cotton balls in its ears. Failure to do will make your Pomsky uncomfortable and the pet might start being rebellious when it comes to bath.
  • It is now the time for you to place the Pomsky in the tub or sink. Be gentle with the pet to avoid hurting him but ensure that the grip is firm enough as he might run away or fall.
  • Place a removable shower head or a plastic pitcher over the pet’s head and wet the Pomsky.
  • Lather the Pomsky well using shampoo in every part of its body. However avoid eyes as it will cause irritation.
  • After being satisfied that you have cleaned every part, rinse the pet with warm and clean water.
  • You will then have them off with a dry towel until you feel that they are dry. At this point, if you have a force velocity dryer, use it. Nonetheless, be cautious to use your dryer as it produce heat and if you have to use it, adjust it to cool setting.
  • You can also let the Pomsky to dry out in the sunshine if it’s a warm day but first ensure you have dried it with a towel.

Cleaning Pomsky’s ears and eyes


  • Ears and eyes are some parts that you cannot clean while bathing the Pomsky and this is due to sensitivity. However, they also needs to be cleaned for good grooming. It is more like you are inspecting the pet to determine whether they are any infections. This is because infections in these areas can have grave consequences to your Pomsky. You definitely don’t want your Pomsky to go blind or develop hearing problems. You will have to trim the areas around the eyes and ears to avoid hair from entering which cause irritation.
  • For eye cleaning, you will have to use moist cotton wool in order to wipe areas around the eye. This will remove any dust or other debris around the eye and also used for tear stains. Before doing this, ensure that you have removed the excess hair by trimming.
  • Ear cleaning might be more undesirable to your Pomsky while grooming and he may resist. What you will need to do is to check whether there are any debris in the pet’s ear. Use a cotton with mineral or olive oil to gently wipe the inside of the pet’s ears. Be careful to avoid damaging the ear drum and double check to ensure that you do not leave any object.

Brushing your Pomsky’s teeth

  • Just like humans being, Pomsky develop bad breath calls for mouth grooming. This particular type of Pomsky grooming will help prevent gum diseases which are caused by tartar build-up. This is due to failure to brush teeth regularly. It also result to bacterial infections and periodontal disease.
  • You will have to first massage pet’s mouth gently using your fingers after which you will place some pet toothpaste on its lips for it to taste. This makes sure that the dog gets used to the taste of the toothpaste. At this point, you will start brushing its teeth gently to avoid hurting the gum.

Trimming Your Pomsky hair

This is a must do Pomsky grooming procedure. Not only is it done to get rid of fleas but also to avoid tangles and matting. You can easily do this at your home to ensure that you keep your Pomsky groomed. What you will need is a pair of scissors or clippers and you will not have to spend a dime going over to groomers.

  • Calm the Pomsky down before starting trimming by a method that works to you. For instance, you can take a walk around the park.
  • After the Pomsky is calmed, brush the fur gently to remove tangles and mats from the coat.
  • Use clippers for the main work and that is cutting of the hair while you will the trimmer for touch ups.
  • Ensure that you clip areas around paws and tail.
  • To don’t so deep while trimming the Pomsky as you might cause injure.
  • Be careful when trimming around the ears, eyes and face. This is because the Pomsky might jump causing the trimmer to slide and hurt him. More also, while trimming on the face, make sure that the clipper is flat against its head.
  • Avoid getting too close to the ear canal when doing final touches.

Clipping of the Pomsky’s nails

As part of Pomsky grooming, ensure that you keep its nails short and clean. When it comes to this breed, it is important to ensure that you are constantly trimming the nails as it spends most of its time in the house. Failure to do so will result to ingrown nails. This requires you to make the pet patient enough. You can achieve this by giving them a treat every time you trim a nail.

  • Before trimming the Pomsky nails, ensure that its paw is free from dirt and debris.
  • Hold the pet firmly but be gentle to minimize its movements.
  • Ensure that the clippers are properly and that they are sharp to avoid injuries. Also trim the nail depending on its curve to avoid going to close to paw.
  • After clipping all the nails, use a file to smoothen them out. This will prevent the Pomsky from hurting itself or damaging the fabrics.
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