What You Need to Know About Feeding Pomsky

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What You Need to Know About Feeding Pomsky

When one decides to get a Pomsky, they may not be well prepared by all the responsibilities that come along with it. However, with time, one starts to look for ways to ensure that the stay of pet is worthwhile. Feeding is one of the greatest challenges that one comes across before settling into having the pet around. Just like humans, pets require a balanced diet and get bored eating same food all over again. Their overall health depends on it and if you want a happy and a lively pet, ensure that you feed it good food.

Before picking your favorite food packet in the store, consider the fact that Pomskies are playful and highly energetic and that food may not give it all the recommended nutrients. This is because, the pet require to have food rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. Just us humans, our bodies are a representation of the food we eat and a poorly fed Pomsky has a diminutive growth and will not achieve a prolonged life. The quality and quantity of food should be considered to ensure that Pomsky maintains a healthy weight. To achieve a balanced diet, ensure that Pomsky meals are composed of whole grains, meat and vegetables. These food have a good measure of energy, fiber, vitamins and proteins.

Important Diet tips for Your Pomsky


  • Just like humans, Pomskies are prone to food allergens which cause discomfort and can make an energetic pet to lose all his energy. To avoid this, ensure that your Pomsky is checked for any allergens so that you avoid giving him these particular food.
  • Pomsky diet needs to be nutrient dense and to achieve this, feed your Pomsky more than one food per serving. For instance, the way we eat our carbs, vegetables and protein at once. Pomsky serving should have all the nutrients but at a smaller amount.
  • Most of us simply don’t have any idea on what to feed our Pomsky and may rely entirely on the packaged food. However, some of the additives in these food may not be good for the Pomsky. To avoid this, ensure that you ask a vet to recommend food for you to feed your Pomsky.
  • Have a regular feeding procedure. This is important as it ensures that your Pomsky is well fed at all times. For instance, ensure that you feed Pomsky about 3 or 4 times in a day.
  • If you want a healthy, fit and disease free Pomsky, ensure that you maintain a healthy diet. By doing this, you are not going to vet office any time soon.
  • Home-made food is not only healthy but also delicious. Just like how you take time off to prepare yourself that home-cooked meal, ensure that also do so for your Pomsky. It will also save you a lot of money since most of the groceries and ingredients are already what you have at home.
  • You definitely don’t want an obese Pomksy. Then, you have to do something about it. Keeping your Pomksy indoor all the time will mean that most of his ingested food is not being utilized. To avoid this, ensure that you have an exercise routine that keeps you and your Pomsky fit. Failure to do this will see your Pomsky gain weight, become obese and this greatly reduces his lifespan.

Can your Pomsky go natural?

This is a common question asked especially by those already living a natural lifestyle. It can be a bit difficult to feed your Pomsky a diet which you are not personally comfortable with. More also, taking a look at most of the canned Pomsky food, they have a lot of additives that are not necessarily healthy. You can chose not to continue feeding your pet with food that is not 100% healthy. Therefore, if you decide to go natural, ensure that you have a well-laid plan. This is because, it is not an easy task to change diet of a Pomsky.

When buying a Pomsky, one is usually advised to stick to the feeding program given and in most cases, it has food that the pet is used to. Changing the diet at times results stomach upsets and this may force you stop. Ofcos, you don’t want to kill your own Pomsky. Therefore ensure that you introduce a new diet regularly taking into consideration how Pomksy is adapting.

Going natural means that you will be feeding your Pomsky unprocessed foods. For instance, you can go for raw meat, poultry or fish, vegetables or eggs. This may not be an easy task to achieve especially when making your Pomsky get used to eating these foods, but is worth in long run. Not only will your Pomsky be energetic and full of life, it will also have strong and shiny fur.

Best diet for the older Pomsky

Aging is a normal process to any living thing. Similarly to how our diet changes as we age, one ought to know that it is also necessary to make some adjustments as your Pomsky ages. By doing so, it will ensure that the pet prolongs its lifespan and also remain healthy despite aging. One of the commonest thing that comes with aging falling of teeth. Ensure that you regularly check if Pomsky has lost any teeth. This means that it will require more soft food as it will have challenges with chewing.

Unlike a young Pomsky, with an older one, you need to constantly check his healthy. Increasing your visits to the vet is advised as you may fail to see some of the issues it has. More also, consult the vet on diet changes that needs to be implemented. If any deficiencies are identified by the vet, ensure that you change the diet. In addition, since an older Pomsky is not that active and may not exercise, be sure to reduce its calories intake. By doing this, you will prevent against obesity which can greatly impact on its lifespan.

How do you manage an underweight Pomsky?

Just like there are obese Pomskies, he may also be underweight. This means that he is more of bones and skin rather flesh which is not healthy at all. An underweight Pomsky may have an underlying medical condition is simply due to poor feeding.

One of the medical reasons that have been associated with underweight Pomskies is parasitic worms. This may be tapeworm, whipworm, hookworms and roundworms. The cause of your Pomsky having these worms is simply due to him drinking untreated water. For instance, still water around your house that probably you do not notice. The worms multiply once in the body and are a heavy feeder hence all the nutrients will be consumed by the worms. An early indicator of worm infestation is that your Pomsky will start losing weight. It is also common in young Pomskies hence need to regularly de-worm them. You can purchase these de-wormers over the counter though is advisable to consult the vet who will determine if the cause of loss of weight is parasitic worms.

You can take your Pomsky and still find out that he does not have any parasitic worms yet he is still underweight. This means that there is another underlying cause of the low weight. This might be the diet you are giving to your Pomsky. A balanced diet is aimed at ensuring that your Pomsky get the recommended proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. However, if the diet is lacking some of these nutrients, your Pomsky cannot be healthy. Make sure that you focus of the diet you are giving to your Pomsky especially when it comes to protein content. This nutrient helps in muscle building hence help him to bulk up.

Can any feeding bowl do or are there considerations to be made?

Am sure many of us just reach for the beautiful feeding bowl that we see and do not make certain considerations. It probably have not occurred to your Pomsky feeding bowl affects his feeding. Be sure to select the right bowl size for your Pomsky depending on their size. An undersized bowl might cause you to underfeed your Pomsky. A big feeding bowl might also result to you overfeeding the Pomsky hence he might become overweight.

To determine the size of feeding bowl that you need for your Pomsky, ensure that the diameter of Pomsky’s face is equal to that of the feeding bowl.  Some Pomsky have short nose and small face hence ensure that you get a shallow bowl. This is to ensure that it does not struggle when feeding. More also, for Pomsky with floppy ears, pick a bowl that keep the ears out but allow its nose and mouth to reach the food.

How do you handle an obese Pomsky?

Obesity has been on increase when it comes to Pomsky. Just like in human beings, obesity is due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Depending on the lifestyle of its owner, Pomsky is likely to become obese if a good lifestyle is not maintained. It is important to note that these pets gain weight and therefore, giving them special treats most of the times is not helping. For instance, ensure that when the family is having its meal, the Pomsky also gets its food to avoid overfeeding. Also do not give the pet table scraps in additional to its meal.

You might think that you are treating your pet by constantly giving it food but in real sense, you are slowly and painfully reducing its lifespan. Another reason why your Pomsky might gain weight is due to underlying health problems.

Reducing Pomsky food intake is a good way to curb the issue of obesity. Depending on the physical activity of Pomsky, determine the quantity of food its needs. You may probably not be able to decide this on your own hence the need to consult a vet. When making the reduction, also take care to ensure that you do not minimize the nutrients intake as recommended. Pomsky needs minerals and vitamins to grow healthy and this should be part of the diet. What you will need to do to achieve this is to reduce each portion. For instance, if the protein portion you have been feeding your Pomsky is large, reduce it.

We all have guests at our homes and sometimes they are not familiar with our routine. We might also fail to follow our routine simply because, we are having all that fun of coming together. Just like you may gain some extra pounds during holiday season, same case may affect your Pomsky. Having all these people around can result to your Pomsky being overfed. It is probably because they are excited to meet him and wants to pamper him. However, at the end of the day, he may be left with some extra pounds. Therefore, there is need to be a bit cautious on the interactions of other people with your Pomsky. Explain to them the need to maintain a feeding schedule but don’t be rude. You probably don’t want to spoil the mood during celebrations and losing friends simply because u cannot explain yourself. Ensure that always, you have the best interest for your Pomsky at heart. Just like how hard you work to maintain a healthy lifestyle, ensure that you do so when it comes to your pet.

You might a have a good workout plan which you adhere to a 100%. This means that you are health conscious. However, you might probably forget that you also needs to accommodate exercise program for your pet. Don’t worry, it will probably need to take him out for a walk. Having an exercise plan is an effective way to make your Pomsky lose weight. This is because, the food it eats is not only stored but utilized to provide him with energy while exercising. Other benefits that your Pomsky will gain from exercising include; increased endurance, improved digestion, circulatory and respiratory system, toning of muscles and joints and higher energy levels.

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