Buying vs. Adopting A Pomsky : What Should I Go for?

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Buying vs. Adopting A Pomsky : What Should I Go for?

What Are Pomskies?

Pomskies are trendy dogs. They have been nicknamed the designer dog breeds because of the statement and aura they give. The dogs come from a cross breed of the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian dogs. Pomskies are very cute looking being cuddly with very fluffy fur and also come in a range of variations. The dogs when born and during their infant stages weigh 15 pounds and increase a total another 15 or 10 pounds depending on the health of the dogs. The coats of the dogs are usually very long and also soft. They vary in color can be either black or white and sometimes grey. These dogs are very playful by nature with a particular liking for the kids hence gentle towards them. They are very smart compared to other dogs so are in constant need to be played with to avoid being bored.

* Identification and Lifespan

The pomsky lifespan is fairly long. Most health Pomskies live a maximum of 14 years with some dying early at 12. This is because they are integrated or bred from dogs that have different life spans. The Pomeranians live a maximum of 17 years while the husky a maximum of 14. When Pomskies are exposed to a range of health difficulties, they will not make it to the full lifespan. The fact that the dogs come from a mixed breed gives them a better chance of survival. They have a lesser chance of the dogs developing any medical condition is rare.

What to Know Before Deciding to Own A Pomsky

Outstanding Pomsky    Adorablest Pomsky    Cutest Pomsky

The reason why Pomskies are easy to maintain is because of their small size. Unlike the other small dogs that are popular, Pomskies are not affected by low temperatures given that the parent breeds originated from the Arctic region. They are, however, not the cheapest dogs. They cost a lot of money with a pomsky price range of between 750 to 1400 USD. They are still extremely rare to find and are not easily available. They are known to have a wide range of personality that can be unpredictable and unique to each pomsky. They are very agile as well as active even when they are puppies. They are also known to be a bit troublesome because they bark a lot, especially at bigger dogs. However, this is a tamable trait that can be ridden off by being strict on them as they grow up. They also need regular exercising. Hence, it is advisable to walk them daily. It is important to maintain a constant diet when you acquire the dog. You can make a transition slowly from the food they used to eat to what you plan on feeding them. They are very sensitive to diet changes so you cannot rush them. They are known to offer a lot of excitement and enjoyment. They are easy to train especially when they are still very small. Training them will save you a lot of headaches since they will be able to take care of themselves to a certain degree.

Adoption vs. Buying Pomskies


The act of choosing whether to buy or adopt a pomsky is a very important task. There are very different levels when it comes to the debate. Most people opt to adopt after they do their research. However, there are many pros and cons to whichever choice one settles for.

* Adoption


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1  Adoption Helps Stop Pet Overpopulation

Most people are being encouraged to adopt a pet. There are so many animals that are there in homes currently and not enough people to adopt them. Various pomsky rescue shelters have come up and dedicated themselves to save these animals. However, with time, they are getting overpopulated. This also applies to cute dogs such as Pomskies. Sometimes, when people get pets, they either get lost due to the carelessness of the owners or simply get abandoned. Most of the pets are left wandering in the streets as strays, and that exposes them to a lot of dangerous conditions that gives them health issues or automatically kill them. Most animal activists are now encouraging more people to consider pomsky adoption and also sterilization to help with the overpopulation. The sterilizing is an effective birth control after you have adopted the pet. It will help you not have more Pomskies than you can manage to take care of. The other added advantage that comes with adoption is because it is mandatory for shelters to neuter the pets so you will not go through the trouble of doing it on your own.

2  Adoption Saves Lives

Shelters are getting overcrowded by the day making it hard for the facilities to find more room for new animals. Adopting a pomsky is an easy way to saving the lives of pets because the result would be that space would be created or opened up to accommodate new pets in the facility. It is a good way to help the shelters continue with their very commendable work. Most people don’t know that shelters are not permanent places for the pets; they just serve as a temporary place where animals can be provided with basic needs as they wait for people to hopefully adopt them.

3  Adoption Gives A Second Chance

The pets that are found in the shelters are not bad. Most people tend to think that shelters are filled with disorderly pets. The reason as to why most pets end up in shelters has nothing to do with the animals but rather has everything to do with the owners. Most of them are reckless or do not what to put in the extra work or effort that comes with taking care of the pets. Some of the owners get divorced and, as a consequence, leave the pets unattended. Others move or switch locations abandoning the animals. The shelters are usually filled with sweet animals that are healthy and smart. By choosing to adapt Pomskies from the shelters it would be a good way to give them a second chance at love and being in caring homes. Pets are often in need of affection just like human beings. This is especially true for Pomskies since they are intelligent and have a desire to be played with most of the time.

4  Adoption Often Costs Less

Buying pets is a huge expense especially when it comes to Pomskies. Pomskies also need a lot of care, and that is expensive too. Instead of buying them, you can adopt pomsky puppy to cut on coats. You will spend a lot of money when taking care of them, getting the necessities and paying for the vet visits so it might be advisable to save the money that you would have used to buy them. It costs less money to adopt the Pomskies from shelters. Shelters sometimes offer the option to adopt a pomsky for free. There are necessary expenses such as the neuter surgery, the vaccinations, the health guarantee test, and deworming treatment. When factored in, because even when buying pets the procedures must be done, you will realize what a good deal you will be getting from adoption. More than 25 percent of the Pomskies in the shelters are perfect breeds. Many ways and criteria are used to get an owner the perfect bred pomsky.

5  Ethical Considerations

Some people are heavily concerned about animals and believe that no one should purchase one ever. It makes more sense to explore all other options and exhaust the shelter homes before getting ready to buy one. For animal activists, it makes sense to do what is ethically right according to them.

6  Older Dogs Can Be Easier To Manage

Most shelters have older dogs so during adoption there is a high chance of getting an old pomsky. There are a lot of downsides to owning a puppy. One of the major ones is that they are expensive to maintain. Young Pomskies have problems such as teething that is similar to that of a human baby. During teething, they become very irritable and require a lot of care. They also other essentials such as toys they can use to relax their gums. They may even require to be taken to the vet, which calls for an additional cost. However, if one gets an older pomsky, all these inconveniences can be avoided. Moreover, young Pomskies are very troublesome and sometimes it is good to miss out on the difficult stages. Older dogs are also often home trained, so they will not take time to adapt when you take them home. They also do not chew on furniture.

As much as there are many advantages of adopting a pomsky, there are also potential disadvantages. One of them is that some owners might have actually dumped some of their older Pomskies in the shelters because of being extremely troublesome. For the younger ones, there is a high chance that some of the owners could no longer keep up with the “issues” the dogs have. They might be very challenging, probably troublesome, maybe noisy, and untrained. This is fixable, but the problem is that it might take a lot of time and even patience. Another problem is that you might get a young pomsky, but because you are unaware of its parents are, it will be hard for you to predict how they will turn out in the future including what temperament they will have. Most people argue that a pomsky temperament is something that can be fixed with proper socialization, but some of them are inherited and prove hard to get rid of.

  • Buying Pomskie


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1  They Are Trained

From time to time, you will find posters on teacup pomsky for sale. In such a case, you should consider the incentives of buying it. The benefits of buying a pomsky as opposed to adopting one are that they are trained. Most people who breed these pets go to all extents to make sure that they achieve the maximum profit. This starts out by making sure the breed is of very high quality and adding incentives in such as training the pomsky. An untrained dog can be a nightmare since you will not know how to communicate to them since they do not speak. A trained pomsky is a better companion since it listens to the owner and is easy to control hence it will not be very difficult to bring the dog up. Training is also a very expensive exercise. It will cost you extra if you choose to adapt then train the pomsky using a professional. If you decide to do the training on your own, it will take you a lot of time and requires a lot of research as well as patience.

2  The Joys Of Puppyhood

The major advantage of buying a pomsky is that you will get it when it is young and, probably, you will be the first human contact it ever had. There are a lot of joys with watching a puppy grow. It increases the attachment that both of you will have to one another. It is similar to having a baby. You will get to watch the puppy grow every day, learn how to deal with the pomsky and get to bond with it on a high level. It will also be very joyous to watching the new life blossom with the family. If you have kids, they will get a special sense of appreciating for the pomsky as well. Puppies are also easy to train so you can bring the puppy up to your own liking. Buying from reputable pomsky breeders is also reassuring given that you will have full information on what to expect as the pomsky grows. You will know how the dog will look like when it is all grown. You will also have prior information on all conditions that it might have such as disability or genetic disorders.

Whatever you choose, whether buying or adopting a pomsky, it is important to do a lot of research. There are benefits and shortcomings on both sides, and the choice is personal, depending on the preferences one has.

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